A website design is used for a variety of purposes. It is used by companies to promote their business and corporate agencies to market several products to the customers. There is no medium in the world today which does not make use of web site design facility.

A website design is very important as it displays the potential of the body it represent. A second-rate design web page would repel most people from the site and this would eventually effect the person or business the website design represent. Here are 5 dos and don’ts when it comes to web site designing.

1) The scope of design web sites

  • Do check the scope of the web site you are designing. It is very important that the target of the web site is clearly in your mind when you are designing a web page.
  • Don’t design heavy sites with several links if it is used for personal purposes or representing a small business. Most online sites are design with the aim to be user friendly and easy to surf.

2) The layout for design websites

  • Do the designing of the website according to the requirement of the websites. Heavy animations and images often imposes heavy burden on the site. Such websites consume much time to load and most people quickly lose interest in such websites.
  • Don’t ever try to heavily decorate a web page to impress people. It is evidently proven that more people are attracted to simpler built web site as compare to those which are heavily filled with images, sounds and animations.

3) The compatibility of design websites

  • Do check that the design website is compatible with the major browsers which are being used in the world. It is also necessary that when you add animations and designing to your webpage you are aware what type of graphics the browser support and which animation won’t work on the internet.
  • Don’t upload your websites on server if they are not run on most common browsers such as internet explorer and Netscape navigator. Always check the authenticity of a server before uploading you work online.

4) Documentation of design websites

  • Do make sure that the text on your design website is relevant. It is very necessary that the documentation on the design website is easily understandable and to the point. The uses of keywords while describing the contents of your website is also very important as it keep the focus of the reader to the topics on the design websites.
  • Don’t fill your design sites with useless links and irrelevant text as this diverts most of the traffic from the web site. The amount of information or any knowledge which is provided on the design website should be done in a professional manner.

5) Safe and secure mechanism

  • Do make sure that your website is safe from viruses and hackers. If you are dealing with online business and the design web site is also use for cash transaction it is very necessary that latest security protocols are implemented with the website design to ensure that the exchange of cash is not bugged at any occasion.
  • Don’t encourage the sharing of security protocol and protection mechanism with the general public. Your priority should be to give the people the assurance of secure cash transaction and not the way the security is put into operation in your website.